A day in the life of a high school student

At my school, we just started a really interesting thing called the Student Shadowing Program. Basically, two teachers get to “shadow” a student each, one off their roster, to see what a typical school day looks like for them. (I think Student Stalking has more of a ring to it, but I can understand why…Read more »

Lifelong Learner

It’s been a super busy month, so before we get completely into February, I need to update about all the amazing things I got to do in January. This post will be much longer than usual, but there was a lot of good stuff that happened! My department has been kind of on the fence…Read more »

Take the Lead

In my last post, I was super excited for Lead4Ward’s think! Conference, and I must say, it definitely met all of my expectations and more. I went with the Curriculum Instructional Specialists team and one teacher from each school in our district. It was fantastic to talk with such amazing individuals on the ride to…Read more »


Now I remember why I was so doubtful about starting a blog… I am terrible at finding time (or making time) to actually write on it. That is my confession. So, I am making a goal for myself: to post at least once a month (and not once at the beginning of the month and…Read more »


I’ve finally decided to venture into blogging as a form of self-reflection on my teaching practices. I am currently in my third year of teaching Spanish in Texas, and although I have some experience, I’m completely new to the worlds of CI, TPRS, PBL, IPAs . . . you get the idea. I’m hoping this blog…Read more »